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Christi Smith-Ryan - The ABCs of Strength & Conditioning for Competitive Female Runners - 2021 Wildwood Running Girls Virtual Running Camp
Sandy Burke - Strength Training for Women's Track and Field
56m 43s (1993) Core Strength
Ed Zaunbrecher - The 12-Minute Strength and Flexibility Workout
41m 8s (2013)
Leo M. Totten - Power Snatch—Doing it Right
1hr 18m 30s (2012) Miscellaneous
Michael Mac Millan - Independent Concentric and Eccentric Resistance: The Future of Strength Training
1hr 12m 5s (2012) Health & Nutrition
Jim Kielbaso - Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make in Their Strength and Speed Programs - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic
Will Freeman and Evelyn Freeman - Alternative Ways to Strength Train for Track & Field and Cross Country
Ken Mannie - Strength Training for the High School Athlete - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic