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Mark Harsha - Coaching the Rotational Shot Put: Technique and Drill Progressions
Mark Harsha - Coaching the Glide Shot Put: Technique and Drill Progressions
Raymond Monica - Blitz Packages for the 4-2-5 Defense
(2012) Strategy
Terry Copacia - Footwork Drills: Developing the Most Overlooked Aspect of Quarterbacking
Don Papasedero - Effective Drills for Developing Awesome Linebackers
Mike Bracko - Enhanced Skating Performance for Hockey With Sliding Discs
Dale Boring - Get FastĀ®: Developing Position-Specific Agility for Football
Dennis Forbes - The Ultimate Pickleball Instructional DVD
(2013) Strategy
Chris Ash - Defensive Back Press Technique Skills and Drills
(2013) Strategy
Rex Norris - Defensive Line Drills to Make the Game Slow Down
(2013) Strategy
Neil Fendall - Secondary Practice Design-Teaching Defensive Backs Through the Quarterback Position
(2013) Strategy
Michael Rude - Coaching an Aggressive 50 Defense: Inside Linebacker Play
(2013) Strategy
Michael Rude - Coaching an Aggressive 50 Defense: Secondary Play
(2013) Strategy
Gerad Parker - Wide Receiver Blocking and Release Techniques and Drills
(2013) Strategy
Rich Hargitt - Air Raid Offense - Quarterback Daily Basics
(2013) Strategy
Leon McKenzie - Plyometric Training: The Key To Unlocking The Stretch/Reflex Mechanism And Developing Explosive Power - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Duncan Atwood - Rainy Day Javelin For High School Throwers - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Leon McKenzie - Comprehensive Training Approach For Developing Better Sprint Speed - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Henry Stanford - Mental Training for the Quarterback in the Shotgun Spread Offense
(2024) Strategy