Team Results Management

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Michael Baine, et. al. - Special Teams: Field Goal Protection Kickoff Return, and Kickoff Coverage
(2023) Strategy
Tyler Hopperton - Special Teams From A-Z: Philosophy, Installation, Drills, and Game-Planning
(2023) Strategy
Travis Burkett - Special Team Development - 2019 AFCA Convention
1hr 7m 24s (2019) Miscellaneous
Jeff Starkey - Special Teams Organization - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
1hr 15m 15s (2009) Strategy
Mike Elston - University of Cincinnati Special Teams - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
46m 49s (2009) Strategy
Herb Meyer - Make Your Special Teams Special
1hr 4m 43s (2009) Strategy
Mel Tjeerdsma - Special Teams Organization - 2008 WHSFCA Clinic
1hr 13m (2008) Strategy
Gary Zauner - Coaching the Kicker - 2008 WHSFCA Clinic
1hr 20m 25s (2008) Miscellaneous
Mike Elston - Excellence in Special Teams - 2008 OHSFCA Clinic
49m 25s (2008) Miscellaneous
Dean Peters - Running a Year-Round Program at a Small School - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 55m 18s (2007) Program Development / Design
Mike Stock - Green Bay Packers' Kickoff and Punt Coverage - 2007 WHSFCA Clinic
1hr 1m 10s (2007) Strategy
John Creek and Adam Anderson - Placekicking and Punting Techniques - 2006 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 48m 25s (2006) Strategy
Tom Rucks - Spread Punt: An Offensive Weapon - 2006 WHSFCA Clinic
49m 48s (2006) Strategy
George Ricumstrict - Special Teams: Organizing Your Program - 2006 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 36m 25s (2006) Strategy