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Adam Bishop - 8-Man Football: Screen Game and It's Derivatives
(2022) Strategy
Stan Huntsman - Axioms of Winning
45m 53s (1997) Motivation
Carl Lewis and Leroy Burrell - Coaching the Sprints - 2018 NACAC Coaching Conference
1hr 15m 53s (2018) Miscellaneous
Joe Newton - Motivation is the Name of the Game
50m 22s (2018) Motivation
Luke Fickell - Ohio State University Defense - 2008 OHSFCA Clinic
40m 58s (2008) Strategy
Willie Mack Garza - The Curve Ball in the Tampa Two Package - 2007 WHSFCA Clinic
1hr 8m 14s (2007) Strategy
John Shillito - Wing-T Football - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 53m 8s (2007) Strategy
Melissa Hansen - Building a Sub-Varsity Softball Program - 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic
Durmon Jennings - 1-2-2 Zone Attack with Rotations - 2018 CHSCA Clinic
46m 14s (2018) Miscellaneous
Jeremy Fischer - Commonalities of the Jumps - 2018 NACAC Coaching Conference
2hr 6m 5s (2018) Miscellaneous
Harry Marra - Science in Coaching the Long Jump and Block Starts - 2018 NACAC Coaching Conference
2hr 8s (2018) Miscellaneous