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Mike Bracko - On-and-Off-Ice Warm-Ups for Hockey
1hr 23m 19s (2009) Miscellaneous
Mike Bracko - Hockey Skills and Drills for Women - Volume 3 - Shooting, Passing, and Puckhandling
1hr 2m (2009) Miscellaneous
Mike Bracko - Youth Hockey Skills and Drills - Volume 4 - Shooting, Passing, and Puckhandling
41m 19s (2009) Miscellaneous
Andy Kotelnicki - Play-Action Passing - 2008 WHSFCA Clinic
49m 25s (2008) Strategy
Gregg Brandon - Bowling Green Spread Passing Game - 2008 OHSFCA Clinic
51m 39s (2008) Strategy
Joe Moorhead - Three Step Pass Game in the West Coast System
46m 27s (2008) Strategy
Tom Horne - Attack Passing Game - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 52m 28s (2007) Strategy