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Tavares Johnson - The Air-Wing Offense - The Passing Game

The Air-Wing Offense: The Passing Game, by Tavares Johnson, discusses the fundamental factors involved in developing an effective passing attack in an offensive system based on the basic concepts and principles inherent in two proven offensive systems-the air raid offense and the Delaware Wing-T.
Featuring the head coach of the two-time state of Mississippi 1A football champions, the video covers the quick game phase of the passing attack in the air-wing offense.
In that regard, the video addresses several of the commonly executed quick pass game plays in its 90 series, including how the offensive line can be signaled whom it should block.
The quick pass game is one phase of a devastating offensive attack that is designed for teams at all competitive levels.
Among the topics covered:
  • Quick-90 series 
  • 91 vs. closed secondary 
  • 92 route 
  • 93 combo 
  • 93 vs. 2-high look
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