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Dante Bartee - A Deeper Dive Into Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles Vs. RPO's


In A Deeper Dive Into Cover 3 (1 High Zone) Match Principles Vs. RPO’s, Dante Bartee, Defensive Quality Control Southern Miss Golden Eagles, discusses zone and match up principals for RPO offenses.

Coach Bartee outlines how to defend various alignments and routes.

Additionally, Coach Bartee details how to defend motion and how to game plan, as well as changing your coverage on the fly.

Finally, Coach Bartee hosts a question and answer session from the audience that addresses the terminology used.

Topics covered include:

  • Flood Coverage
  • Using Underneath Defenders
  • Cover 1 Match Up
  • Defending Splits
  • Counteracting Motion and Crossing Routes
  • Communication in the Secondary Pre and Post Snap
  • “3 on 2 Funnels”
  • Man to Man and Dividers Coverage
  • Cover 3 vs Mesh Concepts
  • Question and Answer Session
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