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Henry Stanford - Mental Training for the Quarterback in the Shotgun Spread Offense
(2024) Strategy
John Fiore - Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: The Top 8 Muddle Huddle Plays
(2023) Strategy
John Fiore - The Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: Getting the Edge-The 2-Point Play
(2023) Strategy
Dave Christensen - Offensive Line Techniques and Fundamentals in the Spread Offense
(2023) Strategy
Dave Christensen - Variations to the Inside/Outside Zone Read in the Spread Offense
(2023) Strategy
Dave Christensen - Pass Protections in the Spread Offense to Change the Launch Point of the Quarterback
(2023) Strategy
Shaun McDowell - Enhancing the Spread Power Run Game with 2nd & 3rd Level RPO's, PRO's & PAPs
(2023) Strategy
Steve Trivisonno- Spread Offense Passing Game - 2019 USA Football National Conference
45m 33s (2019) Strategy
Joe Osovet - Developing a Multi-Look Spread Offense: the Bolt Offensive System
25m 55s (2016) Strategy
Mark Yoho - Spread Offense Bubble Screens - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
46m 28s (2009) Strategy
Randy Bates - Defending the Spread Offense - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
54m 2s (2009) Strategy
Rich Rodriguez - Spread Offense Evolution - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
54m 54s (2009) Strategy
Bob Mihalik - From "I" to the Spread Made Easy - 2009 OHSFCA Clinic
46m 13s (2009) Strategy
Vince Suriano - Blending 2 Backs with the Spread - 2008 OHSFCA Clinic
49m 13s (2008) Strategy
Chris Moore - Coaching the Spread Offense - 2008 WHSFCA Clinic
1hr 18m 17s (2008) Miscellaneous
Jerry Moore - Integrating the Spread Offense Into Your Program - 2008 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 6m 8s (2008) Strategy
Rich Rodriguez, Calvin Magee, Grey Frey, Rod Smith - The Michigan Spread Offense
56m 26s (2008) Strategy
Steve Trivosonno - Mentor Spread Offense - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
51m 54s (2007) Strategy
Jeff Quinn - Development of Offensive Line in Spread Offense - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
42m 34s (2007) Strategy
Rich Rodriguez - Answers to the Defense in the Spread Offense
50m 55s (2006) Strategy
Ken Golomski - Spread Offense and Nickel Defense - 2006 WHSFCA Clinic
59m 21s (2006) Strategy
Wayne Sackett - Building a Spread Offense from a Base Offense
Jason Tubbs and Cal Tackes - Spread Offense
50m 43s (2006) Strategy