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John Rice - Constructing and Utilizing Multi-Themed Wristbands for Any Defense
(2013) Strategy
Joel Haber - Bullying in Sports... Crossing Fair Play Into Foul Play Means a Losing Season
Rich Hargitt - Air Raid Offense - Incorporating Multi-Back Power Sets
(2024) Strategy
Duncan Atwood - Rainy Day Javelin For High School Throwers - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Dave Anderson - Planning Training, Periodization & Blooper Prevention - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Duncan Atwood - Run Up to Flight for HS Javelin: Getting the Most from Each Practice - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Eric Dettman - Building Relationships Within Your Staff - 2023 Wildwood Portland
Justin Redfearn - Developing High School Sprinters in a Championship Culture - 2023 USTFCCCA Convention
James Thomas - Breakthrough Strategies: Mastering Your Craft with Unconventional Approaches - 2023 USTFCCCA Convention
Ashley Kovacs - THROWvacs: Mental Preparation in Throwing Events - 2023 USTFCCCA Convention
Chris Parno - Spy Coaching the Sprint Hurdles - 2023 USTFCCCA Convention
Chris Fore - Coaching Resume Secrets - Standing Out from the Crowd and Getting the Job
Michael Bayne and Brianna Temples - College Agility and Accuracy Drills for Lacrosse
Robyn McGillis & Marie Markham - Puberty and the Female Athlete - 2021 Wildwood Running Girls Virtual Running Camp
Elizabeth Carey - Running On Your Period - 2021 Wildwood Running Girls Virtual Running Camp