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Christi Smith-Ryan - The ABCs of Strength & Conditioning for Competitive Female Runners - 2021 Wildwood Running Girls Virtual Running Camp
Adam Szabo - Improving the Ability to Change Directions
24m 1s (2013) Miscellaneous
Leo M. Totten - Power Snatch—Doing it Right
1hr 18m 30s (2012) Miscellaneous
Rod Walters - Concussions in Sports: Treating and Making Return-to-Play Decisions
24m 6s (2012) Athletic Training
Kebba Tolbert - Acceleration—Philosophy, Mechanics, and Training Strategies
55m 25s (2012) Miscellaneous
Lenny Parracino - Squatology
1hr 40m 18s (2011) Miscellaneous
Carrie Silkman - Targeting the Hip: Strengthening the Hip for Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
50m 23s (2010) Miscellaneous
Gregory S. Moore - Vision Basics: Seeing Your Way to a Better Game
45m 16s (2006) Miscellaneous
Brian C. Leutholtz - Vitamins: Understanding the Basics
30m 42s (2006) Miscellaneous