Team Results Management

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Per Hölmich, Marc R. Safran, Tracy Ray, Martin P. Schwellnus, and David Klossner - Injury Prevention
Thomas Cappaert - Exercise in a Cold Environment: Maximizing Performance and Preventing Injury
Dave Anderson - Planning Training, Periodization & Blooper Prevention - 2024 Nike Track Clinic
Malcolm Macaulay, MS, PT - How to Use Body Weight Support to Prevent Injuries and Enhance Performance - 2023 USTFCCCA Convention
Episode 3: Pre-Run Warm-Up Routine - Part 2 with Drills and Hops - Meb Minutes
4m 14s (2014) Miscellaneous
Lyle J. Micheli - ACL Injuries in the Child Athlete - Where Are We?
40m 17s (2013) Injury Prevention
Beth Alford-Sullivan - Daily Prevention Maintenance Routines - Off-Track Training Tips - 2012 Trials Super Clinic
7m 14s (2012) Miscellaneous
Mark Miller - The Pitching Athlete: Assessment of Mechanics, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation
54m 52s (2011) Injury Prevention
Thomas Miller - A Retrospective on the Joint Commission
42m 29s (2010) Injury Prevention
Peter Melanson - Sport Specific Need Analysis - 2005 NSCA Weight Training Essentials Symposium
47m 35s (2005) Injury Prevention