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Jud Logan - Weight Training for Throwers

Track & Field

Featuring one of the most respected throws coaches in the sport, Weight Training for Throwers outlines the key factors involved in a sound strength training program for throws athletes. Coach Jud Logan explains why it is essential for throwers to believe in their strength training regimen, as well as what steps coaches can take to create a strength training program in which their athletes will have faith.

The video reviews why the first four weeks of a strength training program are important and discusses the benefits of including both a technique and a functional weakness day in the training regimen.

Among the topics covered:

  • Getting your kids to buy into your program
  • Ashland weight training
  • Changing your weight program
  • Create a program your kids believe in
  • The first four weeks
  • Technique day
  • Functional weakness day
  • Stacking the blocks
  • Top ten things done in weight room at Ashland
jud-logan weight-training track-and-field throwing throws strength-training drills throws-technique technique coaches-choice
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