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Kristen Shirk - Making Softball Drills Intense and Competitive - 2018 CHSCA Clinic
40m 8s (2018) Miscellaneous
Mark Roberts and Lyssa Roberts Jones - Mental Aspects in the Game of Softball - 2018 CHSCA Clinic
48m 29s (2018) Sports Psychology
Ryan Starnes - Little Things Add Up in Softball - 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic
54m 56s (2018) Miscellaneous
Keith Stein - Part 1: Hitting with an Open Mind in Softball - 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic
55m 2s (2018) Miscellaneous
Keith Stein - Part 2: Hitting with an Open Mind in Softball - 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic
52m 16s (2018) Miscellaneous
Melissa Hansen - Building a Sub-Varsity Softball Program - 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic
Carrie Dever-Boaz - Organizing and Conducting Effective Practice Sessions
40m 16s (1993) Miscellaneous
Susan Craig - Baserunning: A Way to Win
56m 8s (1993) Strategy
Troy Canaba - Putting Pressure on the Defense
52m 16s (2016) Strategy
Laneigh Clark - Details That Make a Difference
1hr 4m 50s (2016) Miscellaneous
Latonya Dorsey - Skills and Drills for the All-Around Softball Player
34m 45s (2016) Miscellaneous
Guyla Smith - Drills, Drills, Drills, and More Drills
37m 44s (2014) Miscellaneous