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Ted Lambrinides - Optimizing Sports Nutrition


Determining what constitutes proper nutrition for athletes can sometimes be a bewildering undertaking for both coaches and athletes.

In that regard, Optimizing Sports Nutrition presents common sense, practical nutritional guidelines for athletes in all sports and at all competitive levels.

Featuring guidelines that are based on the latest research on nutrient timing that can maximize training recovery and adaptations, the video reviews the importance of eating breakfast and optimizing hydration.

The video is designed to serve as an invaluable nutritional guide that athletes and coaches can follow in real life situations.

Among the topics covered:

  • Fueling to win
  • Before you work out
  • The goals of nutritional recovery
  • How important is nutrient timing?
  • How much carbohydrates and protein post-exercise
  • Post-exercise food consumption
  • Get your butt out of bed
  • How many calories?
  • To increase muscle mass
  • Fluid replacement goals
  • General hydration tips
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