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Jeff Reinebold - Cover 2 and Cover 3 From the 3-4 Defense

Cover 2 and Cover 3 From the 3-4 Defense, with Coach Jeff Reinebold, makes the case that teams must be able to play effective zone defense as part of their defensive playbook package.
In that regard, Coach Reinebold details the advantages of playing cover 2 and cover 3 zone coverages within the 3-4 defensive scheme, as opposed to a 4-3 defensive scheme.
With the goal of making the opponent's offensive game planning and execution more difficult, dice in large part to the ability of the defense to quickly adjust and play cover 2 and cover 3 in a variety of different ways, the video explains how to create multiple pass rusher and underneath zone coverage combinations from simple zone exchanges.
Coach Reinebold also reviews why these types of adjustments are easier from the 3-4 defense.
Extensive game film that is included in the video provides visual evidence that playing these two coverages can lead to poor decision-making by the quarterback, hurries/sacks, or, at best, limit pass completions to relatively short gains, where the receiver can be tackled for little or no yardage.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Advantages of the 3-4 over the 4-3 defense 
  • Cover 2 from the 3-4 
  • Cover 2 video 
  • Cover 3 from the 3-4 
  • Cover 3 video
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