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Kerry Coombs - Creating Turnovers - Coaches Choice Classics


Turnovers aren't accidental. They are one of the most fundamentally important aspects of how you coach your defense.

They must be emphasized and made a priority in your daily conversations in all aspects of your coaching.

Coach Coombs delivered this clinic talk while under Coach Kelly at Cincinnati, and he outlines his thought process on turnover instruction that he has used at every stop along the way.

If you need to enhance your team's turnover acumen or need tips on imparting the knowledge to players, this is a great video for you.

Among the topics covered:

  • Creating turnovers
  • Why are turnovers so important?
  • How to Make turnovers a priority
  • Implementing your Gameplan
  • Pass coverage
  • Turnover drills
  • Dishing out praise and handing out consequences
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