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Chris Fore - The Shield Punt: Maximizing Field Position


If you ask any of the players who have ever played for me, or coaches on my staffs, what my favorite special team is, they will surely tell you: Punt!

I really believe that the punt team can have more of an effect on a game than any other special team.

Is has been my experience in more than a decade of coaching this great game that in the field position game, you usually do not see that any of the other special teams have as dramatic of an impact as the punt team does.

And the opposite is also true. A blocked punt can absolutely change the entire flow and dynamics of a football game.

An interception and a blocked punt are the two plays that change momentum faster than anything else on the gridiron.

The Shield Punt: Maximizing Field Position, by Chris Fore, reduces blocked punts, while also allowing the coverage team to get down the field and cover the punt effectively.

Topics Discussed:

  • Advantages of the Shield Punt
  • Disadvantages of the Shield Punt
  • Personnel
  • Coaching Assignments
  • Alignment
  • Stances
  • The Huddle
  • Snapping the Football
  • After the Snap: The First Step
  • After the Snap: The Second Step
  • After the Snap: The Third Step
  • Covering the Kick
  • The First Practice
  • The Second Practice
  • The Third Practice
  • The Fourth Practice
  • The Fifth Practice
  • Weekly Practice Plan
  • Fakes
  • Three Common Faults and How to Correct Them
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