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Chase Hargis - Make 'Em Run Sideways


In Make 'Em Run Sideways, Chase Hargis, Defensive Coordinator at Magnolia HS (TX) details his defensive philosophy behind utilizing a disruptive line to force teams to run laterally.

Coach Hargis outlines how to use stunts and defensive line movement to limit running between the tackles.

Additionally, Coach Hargis discusses play calling and terminology to confuse the opposing offense.

Finally, Coach Hargis provides film cut-ups illustrating his schemes.


Topics covered include:

  • Forcing the Offense to Run "Outside the Box"
  • Adjusting Your Base Defense to Offensive Personnel
  • Defensive Line and Linebacker Stunts
  • Defensive Terminology (Play Calls and Audibles)
  • Defeating Blocks
  • Limiting Scoring Through Defensive Schemes
  • Using Run Blitzing
  • Drills
  • Film Cut-Ups
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