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Mike McCabe - Drill Segments for Kickers and Punters


In Drill Segments for Kickers and Punters, Coach Mike McCabe of One on One Kicking, outlines the proper techniques and fundamentals of kicking.

One on One Kicking and Coach McCabe have a track record of training college and NFL kickers, including Rodrigo Blankenship of Georgia.

Coach McCabe reviews the philosophies of both punting and kicking, while provided a number of proven drills to see improvement in both areas.

Additionally, Coach McCabe brings in NFL punters/kickers to demonstrate his proven drills and techniques.

Topics covered include:

  • Physics of Kicking/Punting
  • Receiving the Snap
  • Footwork/Foot Placement
  • Directional Kicking
  • Punting Drills
  • Field Goal Drills
  • Kickoff Drills
  • Building Power in Kicking Leg
  • Limiting Returns
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