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Alex Kolt - Wide Zone and RPOs Off of It


In Wide Zone and RPOs Off of It, Alex Kolt, Offensive Line Coach at Georgetown University, details the Wide Zone scheme, and how to implement RPO concepts into the scheme.

Coach Kolt, discusses why to run the wide zone against specific formations.

Additionally, Coach Kolt outlines how to use blocking cues and play-calling techniques to use isolation and misdirection to confuse defenses.

Finally, Kolt provides film cut-ups illustrating his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

  • Wide Zone Basics
  • RPO Concepts
  • Offensive Line Strategies and Techniques
  • Wide Zone Fundamentals
  • Formations and Play Calling
  • Aiming Points and Reads/ Moving Defenders
  • Playside and Backside Runs
  • Film Cut-ups
  • Redzone/Goal Line/Short Yardage Plays
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