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Woody Blevins - Drill Spin Technique for Defensive Backs


In Drill Spin Technique for Defensive Backs, Woody Blevins, Defensive Quality Control Coach at the University of Hawaii, currently the Defensive Coordinator at Assumption University, discusses defensive back play, with an emphasis on the safeties.

Coach Blevins uses various schemes, positioning, and play-calling to maximize the productivity of the safeties.

Coach Blevins also offers tips on practice organization, defensive schemes, and how to install new plays.

Additionally, Coach Blevins demonstrates how to use defensive backs to harass the quarterback at all three levels.

Topics covered include:

  • Practice/Meeting Organization
  • Defending the Run
  • Coverage Schemes
  • Playbook Installation
  • Gap Responsibilities
  • Creating Turnovers
  • Reading the Quarterback
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