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Curt Newsome - Emory & Henry Football: Offensive Line Play


In Emory & Henry Football: Offensive Line Play, Curt Newsome, Head Coach at Emory & Newsome College (Emory, VA), discusses successful offensive line philosophies.

Coach Newsome details how to utilize footwork and hand placement to counteract D-Line formations.

Additionally, Coach Newsome outlines how to confuse the defense with run and pass sets for the offense.

Finally, Coach Newsome provides a variety of video drills to improve O-Line play.

Topics covered include:

  • How to Run Drills
  • O-Line Spacing
  • Make Your Drills Look Like Game Situations
  • Linemen Stances
  • Hip and Hand Work
  • Man Blocking vs. Read Blocking
  • Run vs. Pass Sets
  • Footwork
  • O-Line Video Cut-ups
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