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Kyle Skierski - Traps, Whams, and Bluffs


In Traps, Whams, and Bluffs, Kyle Skierski, Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator at University of West Georgia, discusses using these plays and formations as a change of pace from your main running game.

Filmed at the 2020 AFCA Conference, Coach Skierski uses film cut-ups and diagrams of a variety of plays to demonstrate their effectiveness, as well as shows how to incorporate these plays into your playbook, and how to identify specific formations/players to target.

Additionally, Coach Skierski reviews position-specific assignments for traps, whams, and bluffs and how to use them to keep defenses off balance.

Topics covered include:

  • Change of Pace Plays
  • Targeting Specific Defensive Players in the Run Game
  • Offensive Line Blocking Techniques/Footwork
  • Building a Playbook
  • Using “Lateral Movement to Create Running Lanes”
  • Reading Defensive Linemen and Linebackers
  • Identifying Running Lanes
  • Play Calling against the Blitz
  • Running Plays out of Multiple Formations
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