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Greg Lauri - Effective Routes and Reads in the Passing Game in the Bolt Offensive System

Effective Routes and Reads in the Passing Game in the Bolt Offensive System, by Coach Greg Lauri, provides an overview of several key factors involved in the passing game that are part of the bolt no huddle spread offensive system.
The pass offense and accompanying plays in the video are categorized into three core aspects-the fast game, the dropback attack, and the sprint-out pass.
The concepts encompass all types of pass routes and depths, including slants, hitches, and crosses.
Each concept includes a thorough review of the proper quarterback footwork and mechanics required to efficiently execute the pass play, as well as the quarterback's pre-snap recognition of linebacker, safety and cornerback positioning to aid in the determination of the pass route most likely to be open on a given play.
In addition, the video addresses specific quarterback reads, as well as the finer points of wide receiver route execution.
Among the topics covered:
  • Bolt offensive system
  • Diagrams at the board
  • Fast cut-ups
  • Quarterback steps-dropback
  • Dropback diagrams
  • Dropback cut-ups
  • Quarterback mechanics-sprint out
  • Sprint out cut-ups
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