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Jeff Reinebold - Zone Blitz Packages From the 3-4 Defense

Zone Blitz Packages From the 3-4 Defense, by Jeff Reinebold, features the 5-man zone blitz concepts developed and so successfully utilized by renowned defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau and the Pittsburgh Steelers for nearly three decades.
Coach Reinebold explains how these blitz packages, coupled with pre-snap move calls and a balanced zone pass defense, can put considerable pressure on an offense's protection, as well as force indecision by the quarterback, errant throws, hits, and sacks.
Using chalk talks and game film, Coach Reinebold reviews the underlying defensive philosophy behind those zone blitz packages and provides a detailed overview of several these blitzes, including how to disguise them and why they are such an effective combination when employed with zone coverage.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Saw blitzes 
  • Saw video 
  • Steeler blitzes 
  • Steeler videos 
  • Tornado blitzes 
  • Tornado video 
  • Twister blitzes
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