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Greg Lauri - Reading A, B, & C Level Defenders In The Bolt Offensive System

Reading A, B, & C Level Defenders in the Bolt Offensive System, with Coach Greg Lauri, focuses on the read game within the Bolt no-huddle spread offensive system.
The video provides specifics concerning how to read the defense in this particular offensive system at all three levels: the line of scrimmage (A level), the linebacker the (B level), and the secondary (C level).
Given the responsibilities and situational awareness required of the quarterback in this read-and-react offense, Coach Lauri focuses on the key aspects of the quarterback's play, including his mechanics, footwork, ballhandling, and timing.
The video also explains how the quarterback can determine and execute the essential pull and trigger reads, based upon defensive player positions and actions.
In addition, Coach Lauri diagrams a number of football plays in order to demonstrate the proper reactions of the quarterback to reads at all three levels.
Among the topics covered:
  • Bolt offensive system
  • Quarterback stance
  • Quarterback steps and mechanisms for the inside zone read
  • Actions the DE can take
  • Quarterback mechanics
  • Diagrams
  • Cut-ups
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