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Greg Lauri - Stretching the Defense Horizontally With the Bazooka in the Bolt Offensive System

Stretching the Defense Horizontally With the Bazooka in the Bolt Offensive System, with Coach Greg Lauri, reviews a package, the Bazooka plays, which is part of the Bolt no-huddle spread offensive system.
Built off of the bubble screen and treated as a part of the run game of the simple, up-tempo offense, the intent of the Bazooka package is to stretch the defense horizontally, thus forcing defenders to play the entire width of the field.
As a result, open running lanes are created for wide receivers.
The video not only details the Bazooka's primary base play, it also subsequently constructs a set of plays by adding variations to the base play, using essentially the same formation all of the time, while also keeping the offensive line blocking scheme the same.
The Bazooka package features a number of play options, including several pass routes, if the quarterback catches certain defenders cheating to stop the base play or the run fake.
In addition, the football video addresses the quarterback mechanics, defender reads, wide receiver blocking techniques, and running back actions that can help make the plays successful.
Among the topics covered:
  • Bolt offensive system
  • Bazooka at the board
  • Bazooka shooter
  • Bounce
  • Bazooka jerk
  • Cut-ups
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