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Ron Lynn - Pregame Checklist: From Three Days Prior to Gameday

Pregame Checklist: From Three Days Prior to Gameday, with Ron Lynn, presents an overview of an end-of-the-week list of essential issues that can be used by coaches at all competitive levels to help keep them grounded and focused on the task at hand.
The video explains why the checklist can be a resource for position coaches, volunteer coaches, and interns, as well as head coaches.
The video details 27 distinct factors that coaches should consider including as part of their checklist.
The video also points out a variety of special situations for which coaches should plan.
In addition, the video reviews a series of first play alerts, outlining the likely first play that an opponent will execute following a specific set of circumstances.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Checklist #1-5 
  • Checklist #6-10 
  • Checklist #11-15 
  • Checklist #16-20 
  • Checklist #21-27 
  • Situations 
  • First play alerts
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