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John Fiore - The Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: Getting the Edge-The 2-Point Play

The Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: Getting the Edge-The 2-Point Play, with Coach John Fiore, explains how to successfully execute 2-point plays from an unbalanced spread offense set, which is somewhat similar to the renowned swinging gate formation.
Coach Fiore features an overview of several key factors attendant to running these plays, including the basics of alignments, when to decide to use the plays (vs. kicking the extra point), and how to match a player's football skills to specific key positions.
He points out why these plays can work well for undermanned teams, because they enable a team's best four athletes to play in space with multiple opportunities for success.
Each of these plays are diagrammed and shown on game film.
The video also includes several time-efficient practice drills to work on plays that can be used to help force the opposing team to spend time preparing for each play's multiple options, instead of just the base offense.
Furthermore, Coach Fiore explains how this set can be employed to defeat an attempt by the defense to make an adjustment to these plays.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Why the muddle huddle? 
  • Basic rule 
  • Muddle huddle right 
  • Muddle huddle right and diagrams 
  • Cut-ups 
  • Muddle huddle left 
  • Cut-ups
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