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Joe Osovet - Building a Triple Threat Into a Read-Type Spread Offense: Manipulating the Secondary

Building a Triple Threat Into a Read-Type Spread Offense: Manipulating the Secondary, by Coach Joe Osovet, is an invaluable resource for any coach who wants to understand how to achieve a triple threat off of most any play that is run from a read type of offense.
This football video describes a multitude of methods and plays that identify and take advantage of A and B level defender reads to create three options in a read-type spread offense-a handoff to the tailback, a quarterback keeper, or a forward pass.
The video explains the effects and benefits of the defensive player manipulation, including the deterrence of edge games by the contain or force player, eliminating the need for an undersized offensive slot player to block a linebacker, and getting the ball to playmakers in vertical alleys.
The video also includes a series of football plays, which are both diagramed on the board and depicted via game film cut-ups.
These plays, which are predicated on a defensive end who bends in order to attack the handoff option, are designed to exploit positioning and/or movements of an apex or secondary defender in this scenario.
Among the topics covered:
  • Manipulation effects
  • Who is the read?
  • Razor
  • Bridge
  • Sting (solo manipulation)
  • Sting/sail
  • Hooters (H manipulation)
  • Swim Manipulation
  • Cruise technique
  • Cut-ups
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