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John Fiore - Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: The Top 8 Muddle Huddle Plays

Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: The Top 8 Muddle Huddle Plays, with Coach John Fiore, features an overview of plays that can be employed from the muddle huddle offensive system, an unbalanced spread offense set that is often described as controlled chaos.
Coach Fiore details eight separate plays that can serve as either two-point conversions or as a significant change of pace to a base offense.
The video shows how these plays put defenders in a position of having to protect large areas of the open field.
Coach Fiore also explains how these plays can easily cause the defenders to make assignment mistakes.
Both factors can lead to large gains or result in the offense putting points on the scoreboard.

Among the topics covered:

  • Quick sweep right 
  • Crack sweep 
  • Tebow right 
  • Shovel pass 
  • Quick sweep left 
  • Tebow left 
  • Flash 
  • Vertical game
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