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John Fiore - Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: Two-Minute Drill

Muddle Huddle Spread Offense: Two-Minute Drill, by Coach John Fiore, details the advantages of this spread offensive set and explains how teams can incorporate concepts and plays from this set into an effective and fast-paced 2-minute drill.
Coach Fiore discusses how this set can create 4-on-4 football, as well as isolation situations and mismatches, for the offense's top playmakers.
Such a capability enables the offense to operate against a defense that is often ill-prepared for the resultant formations and multiple run/pass options.
Coach Fiore also reviews several straightforward ways that offenses can use to defeat their opponents, including base plays and several automatics that can be called.

Among the topics covered: 

  • The plan 
  • At the board 
  • Base play 
  • Automatics 
  • Cut-ups 
  • Forced time-outs 
  • Spread muddle 
  • Adjustments
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