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John Fiore - Base Offense and Exotics Out of the Muddle Huddle Spread

Base Offense and Exotics Out of the Muddle Huddle Spread, with Coach John Fiore, discusses how and where on the field teams can best employ this unique spread offense as their primary offense.
The video provides an overview of a comprehensive set of base offensive plays, as well as some unique formations, that can be used to add wrinkles to a team's offense and further challenge an opponent's defense.
Coach Fiore also explains and illustrates how these plays and formations are adaptable with regard to a team's hash mark-position, as well as the fact that they can serve as an equalizer against an opponent that has a superior defensive line, because they can take them out of much of the action.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Base offense 
  • Crack sweep 
  • Sprint out 
  • Four verticals 
  • Flash screen 
  • 3-step game 
  • Muddle middle 
  • Flash trap/trap
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