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Dave Christensen - Offensive Line Techniques and Fundamentals in the Spread Offense

Offensive Line Techniques and Fundamentals in the Spread Offense is a must-have resource for any offensive line coach, whose team runs the spread offense.
In a step-by-step, systematic manner, the video reviews the essential skills that offensive linemen need to be successful when performing in the spread offense.
Among the numerous topics covered in the video is the detailed footwork that offensive linemen must be able to demonstrate on both inside and outside zone plays.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Run game drills 
  • Back blocks 
  • Double-team with bags 
  • Fold blocks 
  • Zone combos 
  • Full line zone 
  • Pass game drills 
  • Bands & medicine balls 
  • Mirror dodge 
  • Slide pro vs. bags 
  • Twist drill 
  • Screens 
  • Film cut-ups (without commentary)
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