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Corey Parker - Dropback Passing in the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package

Dropback Passing in the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package, with Coach Corey Parker, provides coaches with a comprehensive overview of how to design, implement, and execute a potent passing attack, based on the spread offense, no-huddle system.
The concepts detailed in the video offer coaches the ability to add the threat of the pass to offenses that are primarily known for their run game.
This approach can be particularly effective against defenses that are anticipating a run play out of the wildcat formation.
Coach Parker explains how the quick-passing game can be successfully employed against almost every defensive scheme.
In that regard, Coach Parker outlines the key factors involved in establishing a multi-level pass route tree.
In addition, Coach Parker reviews several simple offensive line techniques, as well as a number of pass blocking concepts.
Furthermore, Coach Parker discusses how the quarterback can read just one defender in order to make the correct decision on where to go with the ball and get rid of the ball quickly.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Route tree 
  • Quick game 
  • Cover 2 beaters 
  • Cover 3 beaters 
  • Trick plays 
  • Quick game video clips 
  • Deep passing video clips
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