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Corey Parker - Combo Plays in the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package

Combo Plays in the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package, with Coach Corey Parker, provides an overview of how coaches can incorporate a quick, short passing attack into their team's primarily power run-oriented offense to create a passing threat, as well as help their team enhance its time of possession.
In that regard, Coach Parker explains how simple pass routes can be attached to an existing power off-tackle blocking scheme and not compromise the offensive line techniques involved pass protection in the process.
Simple formations and pass plays that will create leverage issues for the defense are detailed and demonstrated.
Coach Parker also points out quarterback techniques that can help make it easy for the quarterback to key on the post-snap actions of just one defensive player that enables him to make a relatively quick decision on whether to take the short pass or to run the ball.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Our combo plays fit our players' strengths 
  • PRO 
  • Quarterback timing 
  • Pre-practice drills 
  • Trey left power stick 
  • Split left power stick
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