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Rich Hargitt - Air Raid Offense: Basic Option Routes

Air Raid Offense: Basic Option Routes, by Coach Rich Hargitt, provides an overview of why coaches should allow their athletes to employ backyard routes during a game.
These routes facilitate the ability of a team to attack a variety of defensive schemes, as well as increase a team's offensive tempo.
The recommended concepts permit the play caller to make relatively simple, easily replicated calls that enhance a team's ability to attack all types of coverages.
Not only do the routes, detailed in the video, attack a variety of coverages, they also enable the offense to isolate its best receiver on a single defender, thereby creating multiple options for assaulting the defender's technique.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Stick/dig option 
  • Short slot option 
  • Deep slot option 
  • 2-level slot option
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