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Jeff Walters - Window Dress the Plays You Do Best - 2019 Sacramento Football Clinic of Champions
41m 41s (2019) Strategy
Rich Hargitt - Using a Tight End to Create Surface Changes
(2023) Strategy
Karl Terrell - Eight-Man Defensive Philosophy - 2019 Sacramento Football Clinic of Champions
26m 12s (2019) Strategy
Chris Fore - Coaching Resume Secrets - Standing Out from the Crowd and Getting the Job
Joe Moorhead - Three Step Pass Game in the West Coast System
46m 27s (2008) Strategy
Ken Golomski - Spread Offense and Nickel Defense - 2006 WHSFCA Clinic
59m 21s (2006) Strategy
John Shillito - Wing-T Football - 2007 MHSFCA Clinic
1hr 53m 8s (2007) Strategy
Tim McCandless - How to Coach Hawk Tackling - 2019 Sacramento Football Clinic of Champions
40m 54s (2019) Strategy
Dano Graves - Part 2: Quarterback Drills and Culture - 2019 Sacramento Football Clinic of Champions
24m 56s (2019) Strategy
Dante Bartee - Seeing the Big Picture: Implementing a Defensive Structure Suited to the Spread and RPO's
(2023) Strategy
Lou Esposito - Matching Hands and Third Down Pressure
(2020) Strategy
Matt McArthy - The Ferris State Offensive Package
1hr 32m 7s (2008) Strategy
Central Michigan Staff - The Central Michigan Defense
Rich Rodriguez, Calvin Magee, Grey Frey, Rod Smith - The Michigan Spread Offense
56m 26s (2008) Strategy