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Clint Endsley - Pass Protection


In Pass Protection, Clint Endsley, offensive coordinator at multi-time state champion Carthage High School (TX), details his philosophies on pass protection, including technique, fundamentals, and various protection packages.

Coach Endsley discusses how he prepares his athletes from drills to positional responsibilities, while outlining specific protection schemes, such as slide, gap, and pop protections.

Finally, Coach Endsley provides film cutups illustrating his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

  • Pass Protection Basics
  • Fundamentals and Drills
  • Footwork
  • On Field vs. Off Field Training
  • Positional Responsibilities
  • Tailoring Your Game Plan Week to Week
  • Film Cut-Ups
  • Protection Schemes
  • RBs/WRs/TE in Pass Protection
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