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Bob Wylie - Offensive Line Pass Protection Technique & Drills

1hr 18m 21s(2014)

Offensive Line Pass Protection Technique & Drills presents a comprehensivereview of the basic factors involved in offensive line pass protection. Featuringone of the most respected offensive line coaches in the game, the DVD takes a1-on-1 pass pro block and breaks it down piece by piece and then reassembles it,while explaining and demonstrating each element. The DVD also includes anumber of proven practice drills that can be utilized to develop the essential skillsand techniques for pass protection.

Among the topics covered:

  • The kick step
  • The kick step—inside foot
  • The kick step—two kicks
  • The kick step—three & four kicks
  • The power step
  • The power step—two steps
  • The recovery step
  • Two kicks steps to two power steps
  • Kick and power step drill series
  • Point and peck drill
  • Locked up 5-yard drill
  • Video clips
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