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Austen Jacobs and Coby Gipson - Tight End Blocking Fundamentals and College Recruiting


In Tight End Blocking Fundamentals and College Recruiting, Austen Jacobs and Cody Gipson, assistant coaches at Lamar University (TX), discuss the basics of tight end play, from fundamentals to gameplay. They provide a number of drills and techniques for footwork, blocking, and pass catching.

Additionally, the coaches review pass protection schemes and concepts for successful tight end play.

Finally, they outline their recruiting philosophy from player evaluation through the recruiting process to signing day.

Topics covered include:

  • Tight End Basics and Drills
  • Footwork
  • Pass Catching
  • Pass Protection/Blocking
  • Live Repetitions/Game Play
  • Recruiting Basics
  • Outlining the Recruiting Process
  • Player Evaluation/Building Your Team
  • Utilizing Walk-Ons
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