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Rich Hargitt - Surface to Air: Play-Action Passes


In Surface to Air: Play-Action Passes, Coach Rich Hargitt details his schemes for blocking, route running, and formations for running play-action within the RPO offense. Coach Hargitt outlines how to implement these ideas into your offense via play-calling and misdirection.

Additionally, Coach Hargitt reviews how to attack all levels of opposing defenses, via RPO play-action.

Finally, Coach Hargitt hosts a question and answer session.

Topics covered include:

  • Protection/Blocking Schemes
  • Deep Passing Game
  • Short Play-Action Passing
  • Wheel Plays
  • Getting Players In Space
  • Route Concepts
  • Formation Variations and Terminology
  • Attacking All Levels of Defense
  • Question and Answer Session
rich-hargitt surface-to-air play-action-passes offense schemes quarterbacks blocking-schemes football deep-passing passing-plays
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