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Paul Golla - Game-Winning Tackling and Turnover Techniques and Drills

Game-Winning Tackling Turnover Techniques and Drills reviews the fundamentals and skills involved in both tackling and forcing turnovers. Coach Paul Golla points out that teaching tackling and getting the opponent to put the ball on the ground is a process that must be emphasized, as well as mastered.
The video reviews a four-part circuit of multiple tackling drills exercises, through which all defensive players are rotated at the beginning of every practice. Each drill focuses on the need for tacklers to take their head out of the tackling technique in order to promote safety and avoid penalties.
This effort also encompasses a four-station circuit of drills designed to develop the key factors involved in creating turnovers, including techniques and progressions to force fumbles and intercept passes, based upon the defender's relative position to the ballcarrier or receiver.
Among the topics covered:
  • Driller philosophy
  • Tackling fundo
  • Tackling video clips
  • Drill 'em tackle
  • Profile tackle
  • Vice tackles
  • Strike zone
  • Close technique
  • Open field tackle
  • Partner tackle
  • Open field tackle
  • Creating turnovers
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