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Karl Scott - Alabama Match Quarters Coverage: Cover 7 and Variations

53m 59s(2018)

For the first time ever on video, Alabama defensive backs coach Karl Scott explains the ins and outs of several of Nick Saban's favorite coverages.

Coach Scott explains the Alabama method of quarters coverage, using the same terminology and calls the Crimson Tide uses on the practice field and in the meeting room every single day.

Among the topics covered:

  • Rules of engagement
  • Run fits: Jimmy/Pony
  • 7 MOD
  • 7 MIX
  • Box call and 2/3 push
  • Stack call
  • 3x1 Adjustments: Stubbie
  • 3x1 Adjustments: Stump
  • "Connie" Call
  • Bunch Adjustment: Bingo
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