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Ricklan Holmes - DB Techniques and Drills


In DB Techniques and Drills, Ricklan Holmes, head coach at John Tyler High School (TX) discusses they keys to successful defensive back play across all levels of football. Coach Holmes provides a number of drills and fundamentals for your athletes, while showing how they translate to gamedays.

Additionally, Coach Holmes details a variety of coverages and the roles that your cornerbacks and safties play in each coverage.

Finally, Coach Holmes outlines how to use these techniques to defend various WR releases and routes.

Topics covered include:

  • Drills for Defensive Backs
  • Defensive Back Techniques
  • Footwork & Positioning
  • Using Your Hands
  • Man Coverage
  • Cover 2 Zone
  • Press Coverage
  • Positional Responsibilities
  • WR Releases
ricklan-holmes defensive-back-drills defensive-back-techniques football defense drills defensive-backs footwork john-tyler-high-school texas
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