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Paul Connor - The Wing-T: Footwork, Mechanics, and Drills for the Quarterback


The Wing-T: Footwork, Mechanics, and Drills for the Quarterback provides an overview of the fundamental rudiments of sound Wing-T quarterback play-from the ground up.

Coach Paul Connor reviews how Wing-T coaches can teach the key factors in quarterback play, including such basics as hand-up from center, concealing the football, handoff technique, faking, meshing, and proper passing technique. Each factor is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

Among the topics covered:

  • Stance and the hand-up
  • The third hand
  • Pivot technique
  • The bird dog concept
  • Handoff technique
  • Faking
  • Mesh drills
  • Throwing technique
  • Throwing drills
  • Throwing on the run
  • Line drill
  • Circle drill
  • Figure-8 drill
paul-connor football wing-t offense quarterback quarterback-drills footwork mechanics drills development
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