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Colin Neely - Chowan Defense: 5 & 6 Man Pressures


In Chowan Defense: 5 & 6 Man Pressures, Colin Neely, Defensive Coordinator at Chowan University (NC), details a variety of defensive pressures, designed to disrupt the opposing team’s passing game.

Coach Neely discusses why to pressure with Five and Six players, including formations used and forcing TEs and RBs to block.

Additionally, Coach Neely outlines how to build a defensive gameplan, utilizing pressure.

Finally, Coach Neely provides a number of film cut-ups illustrating his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Pressure the QB?
  • How Pressure Affects Opponents Total Offensive Production
  • Pressure from Different Formations
  • Pressuring with more than Four Players
  • Creating Negative Plays and Turnovers
  • Defensive Diagrams
  • Designing a Gameplan
  • Film Cut-ups
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