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Adam Bishop - 8-Man Football: Make Your Opponent Defend the Entire Field


In 8-Man Football: Make Your Opponent Defend the Entire Field, Adam Bishop, Head Coach at Regent Prep HS (OK), discusses how to use schemes, formations, and play-calling to force opposing defenses to defend the entire field.

Coach Bishop details a variety of offensive sets, including the run game, short passing game, option, and RPOs.

Additionally, Coach Bishop outlines the keys to successful play-calling and play design.

Finally, Coach Bishop provides a number of drills and film cut-ups, designed to maximize your offense’s abilities.

Topics covered include:

  • 8-Man Offensive Schemes
  • Forcing the Defense to Defend the Entire Field
  • Play-Calling
  • Play Diagrams
  • Blocking Schemes
  • Inside/Outside Run Game
  • Option Running Game
  • RPOs and the Passing Game
  • Offensive Drills
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