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Adam Harvey - Single Gap Fits Out of the Tight 4 Looks


In Single Gap Fits Out of the Tight 4 Looks, Adam Harvey, defensive coordinator at Hutto High School (TX), discusses his philosophies regarding gap assignments in a four-man front scheme. Coach Harvey covers defensive formations, positional assignments, coverage schemes and how to play fast and physical in his defense.

Additionally, Coach Harvey provides film cutups illustrating the principles of his schemes.

Finally, Coach Harvey hosts a question and answer session for the coaches in attendance.

Topics covered include:

  • Playing Fast and Physical
  • Gap Assignments
  • Identifying Personnel Advantages
  • Defensive Line and Linebacker Responsibilities
  • Four-Man Fronts and Formations
  • Secondary Coverages and Assignments
  • Blitz Packages
  • Film Cut-Ups
  • Question and Answer Period
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