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Rich Hargitt - Heavy Formations with Light Personnel


In Heavy Formations With Light Personnel, veteran coach Rich Hargitt discusses how to use your team’s personnel to implement “heavy” packages.

Often teams at the high school level don’t have a traditional “heavy” grouping, i.e., enough big bodies, but still want to show a “heavy” personnel formation to keep defenses off-balance, which Coach Hargitt outlines.

Additionally, Coach Hargitt details a variety of run schemes with non-traditional personnel groupings. Coach Hargitt includes a series of film cut-ups reviewing his schemes and formations.

Topics covered include:

  • X’s and O’s Basics
  • Offensive Formations and Personnel
  • Blocking at All Levels
  • Keeping Defenses Off Balance
  • Getting Your Athletes in Space
  • Creating Number Mismatches
  • Whiteboard Diagrams
  • Running Power with Smaller Athletes
  • Film Cut-Ups
rich-hargitt football offense strategy heavy-formations light-personnel offensive-formations schemes team-development blocking
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